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SGW Designworks is focused on the engineering and design of products and equipment for a variety of industries. What separates us from most engineering firms is that we understand how design and engineering decisions in the development process will affect your business during production. Whether you are developing a new product, or preparing your product for manufacturing, we can help you because we have done it before.

The projects we complete for these clients fall into one of three categories:

Product Engineering and Design: Is your business ready to turn a great idea into a tangible new product, reduce the cost of an existing product, or produce the first prototype of something completely new? Let us provide product engineering services and product prototypes. We can develop a new design for you from scratch, or work with your industrial designers to provide the functionality you are looking for.

IoT Device Development / Embedded Systems Design: Devices and products of all types are getting smarter. Successful implementation of smart technology requires a thorough understanding of intended use case, leading to hardware and architecture options and definition of the development path. Our embedded systems development team is able to turn your IoT concept into a real, functioning prototype, applying expertise in power management, embedded firmware design, advanced sensors, and communication protocols.

Design for Manufacturing: The manufacturing processes used to produce at a given volume can have serious implications on product design. Did you know that even minor changes to your product design can align it with a manufacturing process, resulting in higher throughput and lower production cost? Through a process called Design For Manufacturing, or DFM, we are able to review the design of you product, analyze it for the manufacturing processes best suited for your production volumes, and optimiz


  • Spirit of Continuing Innovation Award Techhelp Idaho 2013


  • LiFoam Industries
  • WMD Tech
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Simpson Strong-Tie
  • U-Grokit
  • Inovus Solar
  • Promoto Billet / Fastway
  • Battle Sports Science
  • Multiquip
  • Sun Valley Bronze
  • Loon Outdoors
  • Motive Power
  • Portsmith
  • Radians
  • Isla
  • ProMoto Billet
  • Sloan Security Group
  • Smoke Guard
  • OCI Solar Power
  • Bayer
  • Inovus Solar
  • Get It Right
  • Preco Electronics
  • 2A Armament
  • GenZ Technology
  • Jarden Home Brands
  • HRW Manufacturing
  • Black Box VR
  • Transystems
  • Sharps Rifle Company
  • Emerson Electronics
  • RedBuilt
  • Webb Wheel
  • Medtronic



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SGW Designworks


  • Engineering
  • Research
  • Industrial Design

Typical Project Budget

$25,000 - $50,000


SGW Designworks completes roughly thirty projects per year, ranging in size from $5,000 to $500,000.

Main Office

3131 West State St
Suite 230
Boise, ID 83703
United States


Ryan Gray
phone: 208-391-4000
Website: Product Design and Engineering

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