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Sequoia-studio, industrial design agency
Industrial design is a real strategic issue for any product conceiving company. It is even one of the most sensitive fields in companies, where error is never permitted.
This requirement is our “raison d’être”.

From this requirement was born a consulting agency in industrial design: Sequoia-Studio.

Created by 2 French industrial designers, Pascal BARDEL and Nicolas MELAN, our mission is threefold for companies like yours:
• To bring you creative solutions, innovative and relevant answers to your expectations in the field of industrial design, from the definition of requirements to follow-up.
• To provide you an “all-inclusive solution” of R&D engineering and manufacturing services with our partner, for: technical feasibility, technical development, production in China, quality control and certification.
• To advise and accompany you also on all questions and problems closely or distantly related to industrial design, with the overall vision we have of the issue that represents industrial design for your company and control of all its components.

To enter and succeed in increasingly competitive markets, an overall expertise in industrial design is essential.
We are with you for that.


  • Legrand Group
  • TCL|Legrand
  • HPM|Legrand
  • Nelson Industries
  • Shidean|Legrand
  • Bticino
  • Carlton Travel Goods
  • VIP Industries
  • Solitech
  • Devop
  • Absolu consulting
  • RHGroup
  • Quo-Industry Limited
  • Tranquiltech…

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