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Assume Nothing is the spirit of our company.

Pip Tompkin Studio is an Industrial Design Consultancy located blocks from the beach in Los Angeles California. Our company specializes in the design and development of consumer and business products. The Company was founded by Pip Tompkin, a British designer who has been developing successful products for over twenty years and Shannon Hematian, a business entrepreneur.

Pip Tompkin Studio prides itself on being a collective of big thinkers who question everything. As a result, we design products that are different and make a meaningful difference. This has earned us a reputation for being a go to company that can make the impossible, into reality.

We understand the importance of beauty, trends and fashion. To achieve this, we have gathered some of the smartest and most creative thinkers in the industry. Our big ideas and original thinking has created innovative products, brand languages and business leading strategic visions for many companies around the world.



  • Mobile Phone Design Award IF 2010
  • IDEA - Bronze in Computers Category IDSA 2013
  • IDEA - Finalist in Communication Tools Cat. IDSA 2013
  • IDEA - Silver in Computers Category IDSA 2013
  • Silver A' Design Award Winner for Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category A'Design Award 2013


  • IDSA


  • Dell
  • HTC
  • Polycom
  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • Pure Gear
  • Vizio
  • iRobot
  • Discovery Kids
  • Toshiba



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Pip Tompkin Studio


  • Industrial Design
  • Packaging
  • Interaction Design

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Main Office

137 Eucalyptus Drive
El Segundo
Los Angeles, CA 90245
United States


Shannon Hematian
phone: +1 310 400 0656
fax: +1 310 818 5595
Website: www.piptompkin.com info@piptompkin.com

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