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"Well designed products make the difference on the market"
This design studio is daily busy with styling and design. "We research, design, develop and introduce products." Projects such as furniture, lighting, bathroom furniture, bicycles, cash machines, generators, makes this studio varied. This mixture feeds the creativity.
A design task begins with a personal conversation. "We find out what the needs and the desires are. Most producing companies have more potential than they realize. Together with the company we investigate thoroughly the latent possibilities and create new business models or products. Then we have a goal."
From an economic and philosophical view Boonen Design Studio creates products for consumers. Besides this user-centered design, the development of sustainable and ecological components is increasingly important. Lower production costs and faster installation are always the red wire in the design process. To create a successful product is good design, with the right materials and colors, essential.
The final output depends on the capabilities and budget of the producer. Parts can be contracted both nationally and internationally. The production can be started in Europe or Asia. Boonen Design Studio always follow the process closely to ensure quality.
If the prototype or product is in the initial phase, a good product introduction is required. Therefore we use resources such as new media, photography and accessories.
Boonen Design Studio offers the entire design process from research to production. A successful product today requires more than mere engineering.


  • Best Product Design & Design 2010


  • ABN
  • Alden Biesen
  • Europower Generators
  • EV Company
  • Bormet
  • Yuno
  • Flanders Inshape
  • Franic Polyester
  • JBC
  • Lambrechts
  • Lébl Furnitures
  • Casa Mila
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