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Google Cromebook 11

When you have a beautifully designed product, great package design is a must. Our challenge was to protect and display the latest Chromebook with the simplicity and distinctiveness embodied by Google. And, most importantly, it all had to be eco-friendly.

On the outside, this split, all pulp box seems simple, elegant, with clean lines and smooth, rounded edges that match the Chromebook itself. On the inside, it’s a structurally unique design made with the most eco-friendly materials possible.

To accomplish this, design and engineering pioneered a structure made from interlocking layers of bamboo and sugar cane pulp. It’s a pulp process that doesn’t act like paper. Our team worked with manufacturers to innovate processes and tooling to create a smooth, un-interrupted visual exterior. It’s a high-impact design with the added benefit of being environmentally low-impact

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