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Siller stairs is a staircase design and manufacturing company based in Italy. Italy holds some of the most famous brands in the world because Italians have a great sense for design and architecture. We do suggest individual solutions to our customer to create staircase designs which are different from others available on the market. Further Siller understands that if someone builds a unique house he/she wants to creat unique interior and often the staircase is the focal point of the house and therefore of the every day living space. By using glass and hiding structural fixings we are trying to creat light, timeless and floating staircases for modern homes. Amongst others we do provide glass stairs, cantilevered stairs, helical stairs and modern staircases with the materials glass, concrete, steel and wood.
All our staircases are well engineered and complyant with local regulations.
-We do what we love and we love to build extraordinary stairs - Siller - stairs for all senses since 1958!


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