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Client: Tyba

Turn takes the simplest of human interactions and, taking advantage of new swipe technology, simplified the three most used functions in a room into a single elegant gesture. Lights. Blinds. Temperature. All this wrapped in a machined aluminium case that feels more like an expensive watch than a domestic appliance.
While there is much to love about the digital world, not every experience and interaction needs to be digital. Sometimes the feel of a physical device can be more satisfying in an entirely subliminal way. The last 30 years of home technology has seen a number of controls gathering by the entrance door to a room. Starting with keypads of increasing button density, this cluttered control led to integrated touch screens or a collection of controls for each element.

A simple switch by the door might be the description that the technology harassed user gives to the ideal device, but it doesn’t take much evaluation of options available to see that a single switch has very limited functionality.

Turn is a new; award winning, generation of smart connected room controls. Its uncluttered configurable interface, intuitive rotary control and clean design adds finesse to any space.

Turn is unique. A beautifully curved glass display, centred around a weighted rotating ring. Every element of Turn has been designed to create an incredible user experience. Crafted from 6000 series aluminium alloy, the knurled tactile feel allows you to adjust your surrounding like never before.

Turning is so intuitive that it takes very little learning. We instinctively reach for a door knob or a dimmer switch, knowing which way to turn it. Lights on, lights off, temperature up, temperature down, blinds close, blinds open. We expect the intensity to be varied by the speed we turn the device. Fine adjustment is achieved by turning at a slower speed.

Moving between functions is simple, just swipe across the screen.

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