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Client: Hartwell

Pushstart is proud to help entrepreneurs realize their vision. We often work with small businesses to flesh out an idea and develop a final product. Hartwell Fishing came to Pushstart with the goal of developing an all-in-one fishing tool. Because a fisherman would carry the tool on his person, versatility and portability were key considerations.

We started with Hartwell’s initial challenge of creating the essential tool for the saltwater fishermen that would be useful, intuitive, and durable. We looked at the myriad tools a fisherman carries regularly. We then did a competitive assessment and found that despite the many different brands offering tools, the products themselves were very similar. We saw an opportunity to innovate both in terms of product offering and brand differentiation.

Pushstart developed a range of concepts from modern, minimal form factors to rugged, utilitarian designs. After receiving feedback from Hartwell we refined through multiple iterations until finalizing the design currently available in stores. After completing the product design, we worked with the team at Hartwell to design an affordable packaging solution that helps the tool stand out in a crowded market.

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