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Innovating the world of office PCs.

An all-in-one, flexible and smart PC solution for millions of windows users.

- The challenge
With 3 Mio PCs yearly, the PC is the heart of the IT market, yet nothing has changed for more than 30 years. In corporate offices, the vast majority of PCs still sit under the office desk, with a lot of cable clutter in the background.
- The result
The all-in-one PC M1 revolutionizes user experience and design for the office PC. Its modern, minimalistic design adapts to numerous workspaces. Various well-conceived features ensure a delightful user experience.

The M1 from Modinice is a delightful user experience and innovation that has long been overdue.

With the PC hidden in the stand and just one cable for LAN & power, it comes in a minimalistic design, clearing the workspace in a beautiful way.
Its practical flexibility is outstanding: the user can mount up to 2 freely selectable monitors.
Considering ergonomic aspects, these monitors are adjustable in height.
An inductive charging station for mobile phones is integrated.
Passive cooling & convection ventilation ensure that the M1 works silent at full performance.
The M1 from Modinice. An intelligent design solution for windows users redefining user experience & design for the office PC.


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