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We are a group of friends, passionate about to give something useful, beautiful hence enriching to the world. We wish to leave an impact at our close environment that is in first place inspiring but also mind opening, allowing people to think, rethink and to look at reality from different perspectives. To manifest beauty trough honesty, creativity and professional craftsmanship while staying happy at “work” is one of our main aims. This happiness of the individual stands in first place as it is in healthy relationships which encourage one’s growth and thereby the uniqueness of our products we present to you. With this mindset we created our first product. The Brum Brum balance bike for kids. It´s a never seen before, outstanding peace of award winning design. Created for our own kids it has the highest standards and best features we could come up with. The bike is safe, got a clean look and the health protecting design offers endless fun for our all new generation. While riding, kids learn already in an early stage to develop their motor active skills in the most natural way. Thanks to the U-shaped plywood frame which provides a yet unique natural suspension the kid’s spine is at every moment and situation exceptional well protected. As the lightweight wooden bike is hold together by only one screw assembling and maintenance is easier than ever before. While the bike grows with your kid it’s also possible for siblings and friends to take a quick ride at any moment as one can simply adjust 3 different heights in seconds without any tools. The discs are finger safe, the tires are puncture proof – nothing can go wrong. We as a team are always giving our best, aim high and dream without borders. Sharing these gifts with you is our duty.


  • A Design award A Design award 2015
  • Japan Institute for Design Promotion Good design award 2015
  • Core77 Design Awards Core77 2016
  • International design award International design award 2016


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