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Modular Ballistic Combat Helmet

Challenge - One of the largest defense contractors in the world needed an interactive marketing tool to present a 15 year plan for technology integration. The team created interlocking cells that were arranged to progressively display each stage of development.

ATOM was tasked with developing innovative ballistic body armor concepts as well as a modular war fighter helmet that provided flexibility with technology integration. A proprietary human model was developed that allowed for optimization of ballistic protection.

Results - ATOM delivered on its customer’s objective of a truly revolutionary modular ballistic combat helmet for the soldier of the future. The features and functionality integrated into the several different models are considered groundbreaking in comparison to the standard issue head-borne ballistic helmets of today. To achieve this feat the team had to consider all aspects of the helmets life cycle from initial assembly, to operations in use, servicing and upgradeability in the field.

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