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Client: Woo Sports

The WOO Sports sensor was awarded a RedDot for Product Design in 2016.

SPROUT teamed up with WOO to realize their dream for a tiny, waterproof, ruggedized sensor that could be mounted on a kiteboard (or a snowboard, or a surfboard, or a BMX…) capturing vital data per a proprietary algorithm. The data can be transferred via Bluetooth through the WOO app and broadcast to a social media platform and leader boards.

Developed by an international team of entrepreneurial, innovators who live and breathe Action Sports, the WOO is an action sports motion sensor designed to capture and visualize your kiteboarding experience. Attach the sensor to your board and start tracking your jump height, airtime, and landing G-Force.

Inspired by our passion and excitement for Action Sports, SPROUT crafted a robust, dynamic and iconic form around the WOO. The design needed to be shockproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, unobtrusive and easy to use. For the mount we created an open truss system allowing water, snow, sand and small debris to pass through easily. The USB charging dongle was designed to be tethered to your car’s USB outlet or a laptop. All components where designed to accommodate co-branding opportunities through a customizable color, material and finish strategy for upcoming limited editions and collaborations with teams, brands and athletes. SPROUT also collaborated with their long-time partners Adam & Co., and Tact to dial in the product design, branding, packaging, user interface & manufacturing.


RedDot Product Design 2016


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