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We work in partnership with our clients to identify, develop and deliver, business opportunities, products and services, enabling them to reach their business goals. We take pride in our work, and enjoy the stimulation of sharing our clients’ challenges.

We add value at every stage of the innovation process.

At Sagentia we provide an environment where polymath thinkers with both technical and business backgrounds can meet and challenge traditional boundaries. We have consultants, scientists, technologists and engineers working together in an open environment which fosters formal and informal interactions, within a culture that values both collective experience and individuality. We form bespoke multi-disciplinary project teams which might include an unusual mix of physicists, chemists, strategists and designers. We find this multi-dimensional perspective brings new insights to issues, stimulating innovation and the creation of richer solutions that may have been considered impossible or off the radar completely.

This way of working has evolved over the last 20 years and drives everything we do. It’s so unique to Sagentia that we have named it and trademarked it.

We call it Collective Technology Wisdom®

This way of working strengthens our ability to innovate; improves the rigour of our thinking; and enables us to provide benefits for our clients both in the near and the longer term. It’s the enabler for us to create real value for our clients in the form of better business opportunities and richer solutions.


  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Vodafone
  • Procter & Gamble Company
  • Pepsico International
  • Nike Inc
  • Markem
  • Hasbro Inc
  • Haagen-Dazs Ltd
  • Coors Brewers Ltd
  • Siemens AG
  • Ofcom
  • Shell Hydrogen
  • European Commission...



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  • Design Management
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Engineering

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Main Office

One Beacon Street
Suite 2300
Boston, MA 02108
United States


Anne Lee
phone: +1 617 896 0213
fax: +1 617 896 0214

Additional Locations

Location number 2

Harston Mill
Harston CB22 7GG
United Kingdom


Charlotte Gynane
phone: +44 1223 875200
fax: +44 1223 875201

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