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Brandwise is a brand strategy firm. We use strategy and design to create stronger brands.

Are you brand wise?

Being brand wise is a
long-term success plan that is
good news for you, but
bad news for your competitors.
Commitment is the key to building
a company that is brand wise.

How valuable is your company? If your company were a car would it be a Kia, Honda, or a Porsche? If it is as valuable as a high-end vehicle, how often do you get a tune-up? Once in 5 years? Or, do you look after it every 3 months to make the engine long-lasting and keep it running smoothly? Marketing is the same investment in your company as oil is to an engine. Without them, both the business and the engine will seize-up and fail.

When your company is tuned-up it will hum right along.

Let's take a test-drive and
see what your company can really do.

Here's what on-going marketing gives you:

* The competitive advantage in the marketplace

* Increased sales

* A shorter selling cycle

* Brand awareness

* Increased credibility with prospects and customers

* More effective tools for your sales team

* The ability to hire more talented employees

* The ability to keep employees longer

* Intimidation to your competitors

* The ability to stay in front of your customers


  • Staples
  • AstraZeneca
  • Wyeth
  • Armstrong
  • Toni&Guy
  • IMS Health




  • Branding
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Marketing & Communication

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8205 Camp Bowie West
Suite 206
Fort Woth, TX 76116
United States


Dale Berkebile
phone: 817-244-0990

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