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Touching Human Lives with Advanced Supply Chain Experience

Client: Iptor

Iptor partnered with Huemen to Digitally transform their Supply Chain Customer Experience so it could empower their workforce and be more bespoke to the customer experience- increasing their competitive advantage within the supply chain management and pharmaceuticals industry.

Through a series of journey mapping workshops our team comprised of UX Specialist, Consultants, Visual Designers, Analyst and Technologist was able to design and create a suite of ERP Solutions that optimize every step of the supply chain process. Completely transforming the digital experience for Sales Order, Picking and Packing flows- leading to a 40% increase in overall efficiencies.

The Team’s Software Solution Impacted the Following Areas:

1). Focus on Productivity- end-to-end management of orders across the supply chain process.
2). Process Optimization- increase efficiency by optimizing each step in the supply chain with recommendations
3). Automated Management- sales order, item tracking, delivery instructions guided in real time
4). Minimized Risk- intelligent systems that exchange information and reduce the rate of errors.
5). Workforce Centric- Picking and Packing monotonous jobs made simpler, gamified with empathy driven approach.

Overall, our team was able to customize the entire flow of the supply chain process and sales implementation- leading to a drive-in business growth and increasing efficiency saving the client $97,000 annually.

Agency of Record
From the successful implementation and execution of the digital transformation, we are now Iptor’s agency of record. This partnership includes both technology development and extensive user experience work with Huemen, which de facto becomes Iptor’s Agency on Record for an experience-centric product vision.


UX Design Awards UX Design Award Nomination 2021


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