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Tandem Shower

Client: Boona

The Tandem Shower is an after-market solution to upgrade any standard shower to one with water coming from both sides. With an easy install, there’s no need for contractors or renovations. Renters and owners alike can easily get a luxury shower upgrade at an affordable price.

This Kickstarter funded innovation went through numerous iterations in form and functional refinement to achieve a beautiful, stylish and standout design. Color and material options were meticulously explored to achieve both a classic and timeless design while also embodying the brand's playful and carefree spirit with splashes of color and personality.

Tandem includes everything you need to pair with your current showerhead, or you can add a second matching showerhead to replace your existing one. The showerhead is custom engineered to optimize your tandem experience across three different settings - high pressure, full body, and massage - with an easy to use lever and grip mechanism that can be used with one hand.

Tandem, for showers worth sharing.


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