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Sun Mountain Golf Scooter

An off-road golf scooter that allows golfers to carry their golf bags on the scooter and travel around the golf course in style.

We collaborated with Sun Mountain to develop a concept design for the new generation of electric golf scooters. It allows golfers to breeze through the golf course without having to carry their heavy golf equipment themselves.

The golf scooter comes with a front headlamp that makes it suitable for low-light conditions, such as an overcast day. It also acts as a safety feature for other golfers when the scooter is moving at a high speed.

Minimal information is put on the scooter for setup and basic information, such as battery level and speed. This helps golfers to focus on the terrain while riding.

The compartment in this bespoke golf bag is separated into individual compartments that fit one golf club each. This prevents collision between the golf clubs during transit. For weight consideration, the golf bag is designed to fit a half-set of golf clubs.

The electric golf scooter can be folded down for storage purposes when it is not in use.

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