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Client: Shinola

Two years in the making, the Shinola and Astro Studios collaboration continues to expand in the audio category. Astro designed the new line of luxury headphones as a continuation of the Shinola design language created by Astro for all Shinola electronic products; the sleek, stainless steel components and leather embellishments encapsulate the spirit of their American made products. The quality of design is aptly complimented by the quality of sound - warm, rich, and expansive. The Canfield collection is comprised of on-ear and over-ear form factors in three premium colorways.

Founded in 2011, Shinola was started with the mission of bringing jobs back to Detroit and the U.S. Shinola's goods are built to last and define American luxury through American quality. The Canfield headphone collection not only demonstrates Shinola's commitment to music, but to creating both durable and aesthetically pleasing products. Learn more on the Shinola website or contact Astro Studios directly.

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