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BLOOEY / Remko Verhaagen
Blooey is the Rotterdam based studio and collection of designer Remko Verhaagen. The studio focuses on projects for socially and ecologically engaged clients (both commercial and non-profit), while the collection is an independent platform to explore and showcase the essence of Remko’s ideas and style. Each project – whether product, interior or brand design - is driven by the motto: Create Beauty Do Good.

Blooey’s creative process is guided by a circular model of synergy: CREATE (iconic beauty), MAKE (premium quality), DO BUSINESS (with win-win concepts) and DO GOOD (by sharing and inspiring). This approach envisions projects that go beyond traditional boundaries of commercialism and charity, enabling positive co-creation with a shared reward for all.

There is a timeless, natural beauty hidden within every project and it takes time and dedication to find and celebrate it. The beautiful simplicity of Remko’s work is not only a result of his love for aesthetic purity. The focus found in its iconic quality is also key to translate abstractions such as vision and culture into tangible designs and meaningful experiences.

The essence of beauty is that it makes you feel good. The CBDG collection features a selection of Remko’s best work, mixing products designed in collaboration with clients and items incubated by Blooey. All products are made by local craftsmen, using high-quality, eco-friendly materials and 50% of the profit is donated to collaborating charities.



  • Interior Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Branding

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Mathenesserdijk 412L
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Remko Verhaagen

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