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Client: Wonder Connection

Natural experiences, especially in hospital settings, serve as positive emotion boosters. When patients are having fun, it’s easier for them to learn and to heal. But natural materials are dangerous for kids with weak immune systems who can’t be exposed to germs and bacteria. Katie Stoudemire, founder of Wonder Connection, a program with a mission to bring the natural world to pediatric patients, envisioned a product that lets hospitalized kids get their hands dirty. From her work in environmental education, she knew it would introduce incredible benefits.

The core development challenge was tricky: to create a chamber with an airtight seal and a way to let kids and their grownup teachers reach inside to dig, water, plant, and dissect. A range of ergonomic challenges complicated the puzzle.

Bresslergroup’s engineers and designers focused on safety and usability to provide a unique product experience that’s hands-on and safe. WonderSphere is able to host a range of activities, including flower arranging, baiting Venus fly traps, and dissecting flowers, to keep the kids’ interest. One seven year old gave it the ultimate seal of approval, declaring it “better than an iPad.”

WonderSphere is the recipient of Core77's 2016 Design for Social Impact Award.


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