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U Graft

Client: DR U

Dr.UGraft™ is a revolutionary hair transplant system built to empower doctors and transform lives. The system features a set of uniquely designed devices that have completely changed the game when it comes to FUE hair transplant procedures. These features include, but are not limited to:

The Intelligent Punch (aka Dr.UPunch i) – The Intelligent Punch boasts several patented and patent-pending attributes, marking a major paradigm shift in FUE punch design. Groundbreaking features include innate depth control to compensate for punch misalignment, the cancellation of torsion injuries while the graft is inside of the lumen, and intuitive navigation of the deep skin course of follicles regardless of angulation or texture. The Intelligent Punch™ renders transection rates negligible; grafts are bulkier and wound footprints are smaller than ever. The Dr. UGraft Zeus® with its Intelligent Punch minimizes the learning curve for all FUE procedures. It makes the mechanical excision of tightly-curled, Afro-textured hair consistently successful for the first time.
The Dr.UGraft™ Handpiece – An ergonomic, lightweight rotary handpiece that makes it possible to connect the Intelligent Punch™ to the Dr.UGraft™ Zeus Console.

The Dr.UGraft™ Zeus Console – A revolutionary console with an integrated fluid hydration system, torque, speed, and multiphasic movement mode settings.

When used with Dr.UGraft™ and Intelligent Punch™, the console comes with default settings to cater to a diverse array of possible FUE scenarios based on skin and hair type.

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