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1S Smart Display

Client: XiaoDuZaiJia

Following the success of the XiaoDuZaijia Smart Display we designed for the Chinese market, the XiaoDuZaiJia

The 1S Smart Display is the latest addition to Baidu's line of smart speakers with touchscreens.

Upgraded with Kid's Mode, 1S has an improved interface, industry-leading speech recognition optimized to recognize children's voices, and text-to-speech system that can be customized with children-friendly voices. The Kid's Mode puts special emphasis on protecting children from long screen time, close screen distance, and inappropriate content.

1S interfaces with an extensive content library through collaboration with Chinese content providers such as iQiyi, QQ Music, Qingting FM, and Douyu. 1S users can access over 10 million songs, a substantial number of videos, and children's education resources. Recently, Baidu reached an agreement with the leading online audio content provider, Ximalaya, that enables 1S users to access Ximalaya's 100 million+ high quality audio content.

Design Considerations

In our ongoing collaboration with XiaoDuZaiJia 1S is the latest addition to the next generation of AI-based IoT smart devices for China.

In expanding the XiaoDuZaiJia product family, we have simplified the profile of 1S with a single curve surface at the back to make the overall product look slimmer. A mono body color is also introduced to create a 360 perspective with matching front and back. 1S is available in three colors – black, white and red.

We also considered how the appropriate use of simple perforated patterns can be a beautiful design feature at the top, front and back of the product. For a more immersive audio experience, there are two passive radiators at the back, and they are highlighted by a symmetrical balance of entrancing perforation patterns.

Baidu, Inc. is the leading Chinese language Internet search provider. Baidu aims to make a complex world simpler for users and enterprises through technology. XiaoDuZaiJia was jointly de

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