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Kobo Arc Tablets

Client: Kobo

After working with Kobo on previous tablets and e-readers, we were excited to not only develop the industrial design of the new Kobo Arc HD, but also collaborate on its technical construction from the ground up.

After presenting 3 rounds of ideas and concepts, Jacknife joined a 25-person team of engineers and designers in Taipei for a week long development session. Jacknife was instrumental in synthesizing the Arc’s engineering, manufacturing feasibility and component packaging all in support of the end user's experience. The result preserved Kobo’s slender hand feel while creating one of the most compact tablets currently on the market. The minimalistic front view displays nothing but a brilliant HD display and tonal logo, allowing for Kobo’s textural DNA to be maximized through asymmetrical facets on the back.

To distinguish itself in the market, the Arc tablet captures a unique identity through both subtle and dynamic textures. Remaining true to Kobo's etymology (an anagram for book), the Arc reading experience is calm and free from visually distracting noise.

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