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Founded 16 years ago with the purpose of providing innovative solutions by means of strategies that will increase the productivity of your business, thanks to the “futuristic vision" of our offices in Montreal, the "Latin touch" of our design studios in Bogotá as well as the "European style" of our partner office in Barcelona.

Our creative team study opportunities to increase your sales, analyses trends and markets, define visions, develop products by means of designing brand experiences, emotional merchandising, buyology, new services, Hi media, architecture, graphics, promotional material, campaigns and even marketing strategies, offering not only the most creative idea but the most profitable to improve your business.

Our method “thinking 360” allow us to integrate products & strategies that will be geared towards the client’s needs.

Carrefour inquired us on how to sell their insurance products in their retail stores; Progen on how to design a product that improve the productivity of their gas injection machinery; Philips on how to improve their point of sales experience.

Many others had asked us how to improve the artisan´s sales from the Caribbean to the Amazon, how to sell more clothing in fashion stores and even what will be the future of the personal printing devices.

To these needs we have responded by selling insurance products as cupcakes, obtaining an international patent for the inventing of traffic road signs, designing immersion cubicles for personal sensory experiences, developing brands and products lines for the indigenous communities, proposing “the men´s store” concept or designing the project “sense”.

They have obtained more than 100 million in insurance sales, 4 billion dollars in international plastic road traffic signs, they have clearly break through their client minds, export crafts to more than 10 countries, have tripled sales in their clothing stores, and even won the Red Dot.


  • Red Dot Design Award RED DOT 2009
  • Lapiz de Acero ProyectoDiseno 2010


DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Philips
  • Cisco Systems, Inc
  • Carrefour Group



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11 - 20

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