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Client: AMD

In the highly competitive world of computer graphics card development, AMD is pitted against its rivals on a nearly continuous cycle of one-upmanship. With such quick advancement in graphics cards compounded with AMD development teams being distributed worldwide hard to maintain visual consistency across products. AMD partnered with Pushstart to design a visual brand language for their flagship family of cards, Radeon.

The PC gaming market is constantly evolving and market demographics are shifting. As consumers of high-power cards have matured so have their tastes. Where once they may have coveted Camaros, now they lust after European sport sedans. The Pushstart team explored dozens of possible design directions, ultimately landing on one of our boldest and most direct concepts.

Since the Radeon line features a wide variety of card shapes, cooling solutions, and price points building flexibility into the design was critical. While the ultra-premium cards can afford high-end materials and finishes, the design language needed to be scalable to maintain consistency across the entire product spectrum.

The new design language was released late summer 2015 with the launch of AMD’s prestigious Radeon Fury X to a warm reception from reviewers and fans alike. Since then, AMD has applied the design to numerous cards across their product line.


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