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Infinity Treadmill

Client: Blue Goji

Blue Goji and their partner Woodway USA needed a product design firm that could quickly create a treadmill integrating bleeding-edge technology and wellness. The design would need to integrate natural torso movement and tracking, bio-feedback, and interaction with virtual reality games developed by Blue Goji and others. In addition to its unique gaming capabilities, this treadmill needed to be designed for traditional training, conditioning, and rehab programs as well as innovative healing games and VR-infused versions for added benefits.

Working through our stakeholder centered design process, the team identified important user interaction points, evaluated kinesiology studies and undertook experiments to achieve the required wide range of body motions, ensuring a fun and healthy customer experience.

Our design is built to endure long winded cardio sessions while playing VR and 2D games. Before starting, the product design incorporates a belt for safety and to prevent falls. The control itself is incorporated into the treadmill and once the game starts, the human body becomes the joystick. A unique user interface allows customers to create their own unique profiles and monitor progress in the game and in their health.

Working side by side with Blue Goji and Woodway USA on the tight timeline, M3 designed, engineered and built the treadmill, delivering the first full prototype—the Infinity VR Treadmill—in time for two trade shows.


IF Design Award 2019


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