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Professional Two-Pattern USB Condenser Microphone

Client: AKG

Designed by Huemen, the AKG N-series flaunts its acoustic expertise by delivering pure studio quality sound. The device’s perfect combination of stunning design and natural, undistorted sound immerses the listeners in every detail of every track.

When designing the #AKG N-series our team focused on color research and strategy around mature and well-established color schemes. As a result, we chose to incorporate metal- it’s a material that allows a large range of precise and high-quality details, giving the overall product a premium look and feel with high-end surface treatment and high-definition details.

The driving principle of AKG industrial design is that everything starts and ends with a circle. For the ARA Mic design we wanted to maintain this philosophy and ensure that a circular design element is captured from all viewpoints in accordance with the brand heritage.

Versatile & Adaptable
The AKG ARA delivers high-resolution audio and is compatible with all popular software platforms from tablets to smartphones. The integrated removable desktop stand makes for effortless hands-free use, whilst a traditional mic stand, or boom arm can be adopted for more flexibility in the studio.

Multidirectional Recording
ARA features a precision-made metal grille and enclosure that evokes a sense of premium quality, timeless design, and durability. This structure houses the ARA’s capsule array which utilizes two condensers giving users two distinct capture modes; front direction only, or both front and back to accommodate a wide variety of situational requirements.


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