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trioBike taxi

Client: trioBike

trioBike taxi is an easy to ride, comfortable and accessible 3 wheeled taxi e-bike, primarily designed to carry adults, especially elderly people. With 90 cm of inner width, the passenger seat is among the most spacious on the market. Its ergonomic design ensures to the passengers a very relaxed sitting position as well. Furthermore, the bike is the first taxi bike featuring an easy and ergonomic access: the removable footrest middle plate allows people with walking difficulties to sit down easily on the seat without having to lift their feet, securing a safe entry and exit. The front box is made in plywood and has a big and spacious storage box beneath the seat. The hood is permanently attached on the bike and offers great side protection to the passengers: it’s easy to fold when the sun is shining and fast to unfold if the weather is changing. The many windows ensure to both passengers and rider a great view when the hood is unfolded.
Safety is guaranteed by the presence of two seat belts, one per passenger, and of 3 disc brakes. Thanks to the e-power system the bike is easy and simple to ride, also uphill and fully loaded.
trioBike taxi has been co-developed together with Cycling Without Age, the leading international movement where volunteer pilots offer bike rides for the elderly. Since 2012, this has given all ages the opportunity to enjoy the sense of freedom, the wind rush through the hair and to enhance quality of life in ways only a bike ride can offer.

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Flavio Deslandes


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