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Farm Implements by GenZ

Client: GenZ Technology

GenZ Technology is a company that builds farm implements and produces next generation agriculture spraying equipment for strawberry fields and vineyards. Their sprayer systems take a decades old process and make it more safe, more efficient and help save farmers money by reducing waste.

GenZ hired SGW Designworks as their equipment development company, to improve reliability and reduce production cost of the sprayer products.As part of the equipment engineering effort, SGW Designworks used Finite Element Analysis for GenZ Technology to help identify possible problem areas. Specific substructures were redesigned for improved strength and resistance to breakage in the field. The entire design was also revised to improve manufacture-ability and reduce production cost. Analysis of pneumatic and hydraulic systems on-board the system also identified areas to improve efficiency and reliability.

This year GenZ’s first strawberry sprayers are seeing use in the field by customers and the company continues to develop new equipment that addresses pesticide drift issues and operator safety concerns.


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