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Aura Cannabis Packaging

Client: Aura

Premium packaging for an elevated experience.

Aura grows meticulously crafted, world-class cannabis designed for users to enhance their day-to-day experiences. Zenpack and Haptik Studio developed an atypical brand identity, packaging, photography, and a website that offers a modern alternative in a crowded market.

In a marketplace overflowing with antiquated cannabis stereotypes, Aura stands out as a lifestyle brand for confident, empowered customers looking for the highest quality cannabis. They approached Zenpack and our partner agency, Haptik Studio, to elevate the brand identity and develop packaging designed to present their products as accessories for life enhancement. The packages needed to be tactile, warm and bold, satisfying to open and beautiful while resting on a coffee table. Aura also needed a variety of cannabis containers that communicated their brand across a variety of materials and surfaces.

Haptik and Zenpack developed a unique brand identity and style guide that extends from the website all the way through to packaging. Aura offers a fresh approach to cannabis by describing the strains as profiles—Blaze, Roar, Cosmic and Flare—designed for customers to learn more about the effects so they can personalize their experience based on individual goals. Each profile comes to life through vibrant colors, specialized printing, and premium materials, inviting the customer to make a deeper connection with the products inside.


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