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HRG Collaborative Robot

Client: HRG

Through the survey of actual use scenarios and the in-depth experience of the product, LKK Design has redefined the overall product design language for the Harbin Institute of Technology Robotics Group, enabling it to stand out from the many collaborative robots that emphasize the sense of equipment and industrialization. In the overall process.

LKK Design designers have penetrated into every detail of the product, from the definition of appearance style to detail optimization, to the mechanical design of how to hide screw holes and flanges and other functional hardware, and the final production. LKK Designers provides high-quality services with professional design and engineering ability.

LKK Design defines robot as the keynote of lightweight, smart, and dexterous style. Its intelligent and affinity appearance has changed the cold and equipment-like image of traditional industrial robots. The seemingly integrated appearance, in fact, each joint is a common common part, which not only ensures high production efficiency, but also reduces the workload of assembly; the two large arms clamp each joint like pliers, giving The product has a sense of strength. At the same time, through simple modeling elements and material and color contrast, we hope it has more modern, professional and intelligent product attributes.


Red Dot Red Dot Award 2018


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