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Client: Wahoo Fitness

KICKR ROLLR is the first bike trainer to combine smart resistance training with the realistic ride feel of rollers, a revolutionary combination in the cycling world. Riders get the engaging workouts of a smart trainer (measuring/responding to rider power output, riding in virtual environments, etc), but the rear wheel is not rigidly clamped to the trainer. Instead, the rider is supported by their compliant tire, which has smooth, side-to-side flow of actual road riding. This unconstrained movement makes ROLLR the most comfortable smart trainer on the market – riders can train longer without discomfort.

ROLLR’s second major advantage is the simplicity of bike mounting: simply roll the bike in to train, and roll it back out for a road ride. No wheel removal, no greasy hands, and the only contact with the bike is the tires. This convenience removes a major mental barrier to training.


3C Awards Fit Sport Design Award 2023

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