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Client: Muscles In Balance

LE Rehab™ allows the functional rehabilitation of lower extremities by both eccentric and concentric strengthening of appropriate muscles while inhibiting inappropriate ones. It allows patients to regain strength and mobility required to negotiate stairs, sit to stand and return to other Activities of Daily Living (ADL) or sports at a faster rate than ever has been achieved. LE Rehab™ addresses the fine connection between neurocontrol and the motor unit firing.

LE Rehab™ solves dilemmas such as:

- Functional squats and single leg squats with trunk in complete upright position.
- Functional strengthening of lower abdominals while completely inhibiting iliopsoas.
- Functional quadriceps strengthening while completely inhibiting hamstring and ITS.
- Functional eccentric hamstring strengthening without concentric phase.
- Functional facilitation of hip flexion with knee flexion and ankle dorsiflexion in neurological conditions.

Increases the knee flexion beyond 90 degrees in the functional position in patients who can't go into the prone position.


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