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RTU Pump Sprayers

Client: the Fountainhead Group

We developed several variations of next generation RTU (ready to use) pump sprayers for the Fountainhead Group with the goal of creating a more contemporary line of new sprayers with improved ergonomics in multiple size configurations.

Our design and engineering development includes human factors studies to create a balanced volume when in-use: pumping, refilling, spraying, carrying. We created several weighted CNC models and 3D printed prototypes as part of our development and we used CAD simulation tools such as finite element analysis (FEA) to simulate pressures on the different vessels with different wall thicknesses and volumes.

Ultimately we created several unique solutions to appeal to consumers in various market segments. Our development process included teams from FGI engineering, manufacturing, as well as sales and marketing.

Team Members

Adam, Marcus, Matt, Joe


Industrial Design Mechanical Engineering Spray Bottle Sprayer

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