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ORwell Surgical Waste Disposal System

Client: Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health turned to PDT’s team of experts to find a new way to safely manage and reduce the highly pathogenic fluid waste generated during surgeries. Cardinal Health had a critical need for a completely contained system that could operate safely in the fast paced and highly regulated environment of the modern operating setting.

PDT’s development team began by integrating itself into the highly complex environment of hospital surgery centers to conduct research to fully understand the issues, current systems and protocols. This intensive research was the first phase in a two year informed development path that led Cardinal Health toward a safer and more effective solution.

ORwell™, the next generation in surgical fluid collection and disposal systems, is the result of this intensive effort. Designed in collaboration with frontline healthcare professionals, the resulting solution is the only closed surgical fluid collection and disposal system that employs a single-use disposable collection disc with a 20 liter liner and an automated wall mounted docking station to minimize patient contamination and staff exposure. Its innovative, closed system approach led to a design with a low center of gravity and one-third less weight than competitive systems providing easy maneuverability through hallways, doorways and crowded operating rooms.

The ORwell’s ergonomic design and effortless “hands off” operation allows clinicians to simply dock the unit to initiate an automated disposal process. This feature significantly reduces the volume and the risk of contact with red-bag hazardous waste keeping focus on patients and safety and not the equipment.


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