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We are able to use our creative techniques from the industrial design process, modify them and make them relevant to business and innovation processes within companies to help them get on in today's global marketplace.

Our design thinking is not about product styling. It is about being able to understand the consumer and prototype innovative new products, visualise experiences and services, quickly filter the good ideas from the crazy and deliver them to the end user. It is about creating experiences. And being customer focused.

Our skills span Innovation, Design Thinking and Industrial, Transport and Product Design, Prototyping and Manufacture. We are armed with all of the latest CAD/CAM technology and we are flexible in our approach.

All of our work is designed for manufacture and geared towards cost effective production. We have a genuine interest in the emotional attachments users have with our products and so we challenge preconceptions from the outset.

We write unambiguous yet detailed proposals which are divided into stages to allow flexibility. Deliverables, presentation material and meetings are clearly identified. We summarise project and business objectives, constraints, technology, cost and scheduling.

Our Product-User-Environment approach allows us to analyse and integrate the commercial needs of the client, needs of the user and the realities of manufacturing from the outset to develop innovative products, services and experiences which are brand carriers



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