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Military Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Toolkit

The ability to rapidly deploy a global communications network is critical in the battlefield. Current SATCOM equipment is cumbersome, heavy, and fragile- all factors that potentially restrict deployment and accessibility. Upon Coolfire Solutions' request, PDT helped them rewrite the rule book and develop an integrated, user focused solution enabled by an iPhone. At a fraction of the cost, weight and size, this solution, along with Coolfire's App suite, has the ability to revolutionize how SATCOM operatives work. Working bench top prototypes allowed the integrated team to deconstruct functionality and determine a hierarchy of requirements to optimize the electrical, software and mechanical interactions and the physical volume. Focusing on ‘functional elegance’ while maximizing usability and durability was a primary goal for PDT. SCOUT toolkit gives FSRs nearly identical capabilities in a 6 lb box. The SCOUT toolkit includes a spectrum analyzer, power meter, multimeter, WiFi transceiver, USB hub computer processor, GPS receiver and several other tools in one small box. “The fine people at PDT understand our needs and can work around any speed bump to deliver on time, if not early.” - Coolfire Solutions


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