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How digital healthcare can improve patients’ lives.

A holistic patient experience using smart technology to enhance the well-being of patients with chronic conditions.

• The challenge
Healthcare is becoming personal, moving out of hospitals and into people’s homes, work and everyday life. Now, more than ever patients need solutions that empower them and support their individual lifestyles.

• The result
MedEasy represents our approach to digital healthcare solutions: a holistic ecosystem that caters to the patients’ needs, offering services and devices that work for them: safe, smart, easy to use and in tune with the way they live.

User Journey as a tool

Our innovation process puts the patients at the centre. Identifying the key touch points helps us to develop innovative opportunities that respond directly to patient needs at any given point thus offering them long term benefits for their chronic conditions.

Fail fast to learn fast

Our approach is empathic and hands on: We involve user feedback and testing from the very beginning and iterate quickly in order to make the right decisions faster and develop solutions more effectively.
By implementing the insights we gain along the way, we find meaningful, holistic and well-crafted solutions less prone to use errors.

The era of digital healthcare has arrived

Using our approach and expertise in digital healthcare, we created a family of MedEasy products – smart devices that are intuitive to use safely and effectively and fit right into the bigger picture: the connected healthcare system.

Universal benefits of a design language

The UX and design principles established during the development of the first MedEasy product were deliberately adapted to the complete MedEasy product line.
We created a unique, recognizable design language establishing high standards of user experience across the whole product range.

Enabling precision medicine

The result are happier and more co


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