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Infinity Reference Amplifiers

Client: Harman / Infinity

Infinity Reference Amplifiers represent the first big opportunity to inject new life into Infinity’s design language. Inspired by Infinity’s history of science-driven performance, Reference amplifiers play on the Infinity’s name and Mobius Logo in how it relates to space, and math.

Infinity, representing endless, translates into design language that has no hard starts/and stops, as represented by the main character line, an “Asymmetrically Balanced Line” – a visually asymmetrical line that is generated by one curve that is double-mirrored to generate an asymmetrical line that is in fact grounded in symmetry. The supernova-inspired fin pattern on the sides are for cooling yet are treated to seamlessly wrap around the body to take on the effect of a motion-like texture. Lastly, but most importantly, the Copper Plated Mobius, is visually floating above a black-hole inspired Infinity Black disc, to prominently display the brand as proudly as possible, while the perfectly circular disc enables the badge to rotate 180 degrees to ensure the brand is always displayed right-side-up, no matter the install orientation.


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