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Seed Pump Restyling 2014

The household centrifugal pump for automatic water pumping.

We have developed a concept of ‘Seed’ household pump five years ago. And now we’ve decided to revitalize the pump with contemporary design trends and show how it should look nowadays and within the next five years.

In order to water a garden or a lawn with a standard surface pump, it is necessary to switch it on, and then switch it off. When pumping water to a reservoir, it is necessary to make sure it is not overfilled. A customer has to prepare a standard household pump by attaching it to a floating platform or binding it to a bracket.

We aimed at solving the issues when developing the Seed pump, and created a device, fitting into a pool or a contemporary house exterior.

There is a remote control on the pump's front panel, it allows setting necessary parameters: turning on/off time, countdown to a power off, amount of pumped water, after which the device will automatically turn off. There is ballast inside the pump body; it keeps the device floating no matter what.

Esthetically and technologically the Seed pump represents a new generation of eco-technologies. It saves electricity that is usually wasted on odd amount of pumped water. Automatizing the work, the pump gives freedom to its owner and triggers pleasant emotions at every contact with it: the device design solution provides for the simple and understandable symbols of water drop and wheat seed.


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