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JBL BassPro Go

Client: JBL

The goal of this project was to create the first in-vehicle powered subwoofer that converts to portable boombox Bluetooth® speaker. It needed to easily mount and charge in any vehicle, quickly disconnect from the base, and have easy to use controls.

Sleek. Bold. Powerful.
JBL BassPro Go follows the JBL portable aesthetic of inviting convex curves but amps it up for the aftermarket user. It was designed to deliver booming bass in a small package. The angled endcaps allow the speaker to nest with the rear seat in the trunk, the chamfer detail in the endcaps allow air to pass through when pressed up against the back of the seat, and the pocket handle allows the user to carry the Bluetooth speaker when undocked without taking up space in the trunk when docked. The JBL Horn pattern in the end caps protects the passive radiators from getting damaged by items in your trunk.


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