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Cupola 360 Camera

Client: ASPEED

Redefining the Future of Imaging

As a top global BMC chip provider, ASPEED developed the world’s first 360-Degree Spherical Image Processor which can support six wide-angle lenses for the emerging VR and 360-degree camera market.

To demonstrate the application of this latest technology, ASPEED worked with CRE8 to design, engineer and produce a physical product - the Cupola 360 Camera - which embodies the possibility of a more immersive and real-time experience.

From the exterior design, components placement, to the working prototypes and finished products, CRE8’s industrial design and mechanical engineering teams collaboratively built this edgy, futuristic camera that echoes to its name and resembles a space station observatory.

To adapt to everyday life scenarios, CRE8’s industrial designers looked into different users’ behavior and constructed the form with advanced ergonomics. As the product is spherical and does not have a distinction between front and back, a recess in the handle and placement of the buttons smartly hint users where to hold for the best filming position thus maximizing the field of view for all six lenses.

While the designers were seeking to reach a balance of the size suitable for both male and female users, the engineers were facing challenges to fit all the sensors and components in the limited inner space as well as to enhance the thermal management. The team came up with a solution with all the lenses fixed on a metal axle for stability and precision; the material chosen also served as an answer to the thermal problem.

The 360-degree camera was successfully presented to the public, and the engineering team made sure that the product quality is consistent and meets the best standard.


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