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Revus Gaming Mouse

Client: Revus


Revus mouse was designed from a clean slate. Identifying key issues while improving upon tried and tested techniques of the industry, we bring you a revolutionary mouse in design and function. The first notable difference from the standard model is the unusual look. The ominous black with fine details, paints a mysterious yet beckoning presence. While it’s textured surfaces encourages interactions between finger-tips and mouse. While the unusual flat top clearly identifies itself from the rest of the competition.


One of the greatest needs first identified in this growing market, is the aging of the market. While most gaming mouse, are well designed for the specific age group, many do not address the aesthetic desires of the X & Y generation; which also happens to have the largest disposable cash. For this mature group of users, often themed designs and sci-fi inspired aesthetics, do little than draw a smirk. Revus’s sleek finishes contrasted with fine details and texture seeks to reconnect this generation as well as many others. Besides the foreboding presence, the unique design aesthetic was a direct result of the needs of the user. The claw grip utilizes an arched fingertip grip, punctuated by a light-touch of the base of the palm to the rear of the mouse, with no other part of the mouse contacting the hand/palm. Designed specifically for the claw grip user, the side surfaces are in-mold textured for an improved grip made with the fingertips. While the entire top surface has been removed ensuring there is no obstruction to movement.


Instead of modularizing every touch point and creating a rickety Frankenstein feel, we chose to only focus on the necessary components that made a difference. For a FPS gamer that utilized the claw grip, the clear advantage against the competition was the triggering performance. By introducing customer fine-tuning adjustments to the mouse triggers in the X & Y axis, assisted in bolstering

Team Members

Tim Tan, Lily Hu


Red Dot Red Dot award winner 2015


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