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Tiny Pops

Client: ezpz

Finally, a popsicle mold made for infants! ezpz Tiny Pops are portion-sized at ½ oz and have a short, fat, round handle for baby’s grasp. To use, simply freeze breast milk, formula or a smoothie for 4+ hours and (voila!) your baby has nourishment and a treat for their senses!

The dual mold creates two popsicles that are perfectly sized for baby's mouth, with frozen sensory bumps that provide oral awareness. The silicone sleeve is designed to peel off the popsicles, releasing them with ease, and the small footprint stand fits easily in the freezer.

The Tiny Pops were designed to fit seamlessly into the ezpz family of products, from handles matching the Tiny Spoon handles, to sensory bumps in the silicone molds, to small details like the soft, gentle flare on the base.


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