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Perch Convertible Nursing Pillow

Client: Ruggish

Adaptable design for the growing family! This lush, organic nursing pillow comes with a durable storage case that extends the life of the product for years to come. When pregnancy, tummy time and midnight feedings are over, the Perch Pillow easily becomes a floor cushion that’s tough for playtime, comfy for seating and meditation (for grown ups, too!) and stylish to display in any home.

Market research and user interviews revealed valuable information about how new moms use nursing pillows, what features they like/don’t like, and how to maximize comfort and reduce back and neck pain. In addition, it was discovered that these pillows are rarely used past the nursing phase, essentially becoming disposable. This insight led to the multifunctional and reusable solution.

The nursing pillow fill is made of an organic latex / kapok blend that is fully biodegradable while also offering the optimal level of weight, support and pillow adjustability.


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