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Burley Coho XC

Client: Burley

Navigating the design path: It is said “the journey matters more than the destination” – cycling enthusiasts take that sentiment to heart. As they push farther off the beaten trail in search of remote, unexplored terrain, the journey becomes both the enabler as well as the limiting factor. The challenge with successfully designing any product lies in how well the design team connects with, and understands, the target user. That is why when Burley, a well know brand leader in bike trailers, turned to DesignThink to develop a new tow-behind bike trailer, we turned to super users – as in hard-core, 100-miles a day, cyclists – who understand the pain and pleasure of hauling gear off the back of a bike.


IDA IDA Bronze 2017, Eurobike Eurobike Award 2018


AWARD WINNING cycling Engineering Industrial Design Innovation Mountain Bike Product Design Usability

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