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Client: JBL

On behalf of JBL Professional, Huemen redesigned an all-in-one column PA system to cater to street buskers and singers. Our end goal was to deliver JBL’s legendary audio fidelity in a geometrically optimized solution, elevating the experience for the prosumer target. With its rechargeable battery system, the JBL EON ONE MK2 brings live performance capabilities to various environments, including locations without access to a power supply. As a result, this speaker needed to strike a balance between portability and professionalism. Designed by Huemen, the JBL EON ONE MK2 was recognized for its design concept and received a 2022 iF Design Award, while its charger was awarded both an iF Design Award and a RedDot Design Award.

The Challenge
Small-stage performers and buskers require a sound system that’s lightweight and easy to take on the go while still providing high-quality audio. The JBL EON ONE MK2 has an ergonomic handle design which Huemen optimized to make travel and setup seamless. We created a smart locking system in the back of the product chassis where the array column can be separated and stored conveniently during transit.

Our Learning
Thorough research is a key part of the Huemen development process as it informs our design work. We performed a comprehensive user-testing program internally with prototypes to validate the product design and iterate based on collective user requirements. Furthermore, we conducted an in-context analysis of the user interface flow and tested how easy it was for first-time users to get to know the product. This led us to implement a mixer panel oriented at 60 degrees, optimizing the viewing angle while reducing the overall cabinet size. This design choice saves space while reducing the weight of the product and lowering the material cost.


Reddot Design Award 2022, iF Design Award 2022


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