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Loop Cycle Trainer

Client: Loop

Exercise equipments used to adorn the homes of yesteryears when it was still celebrated as cool technology while making a statement of focus in well-being. Designed for the modern urban dweller. Loop brings back the convenience of cardiovascular workout to the home with simple yet approachable style. Positioned to blend into the modern home with its sleek lines and simplicity, while still being functional in its sole purpose.

The stem is manufactured out of stamped sheet aluminum with an aluminum honeycomb core providing structural rigidity, while the main bodies tubular frame is cleverly hidden behind injection-molded plastic made of glass reinforced ABS. The unique circular shaped-seat made with an internal lining of memory foam, caresses the ischial tuberosity rather than just supporting it on its ends, inviting a casual home routine rather than an intense workout. Its minimal part assembly and low profile also directly reduces shipping weight & volume, decreasing overall market cost for the consumer.

Understanding the modern urban dweller and his/her multitasking lifestyle was key to the functional design of Loop. It’s clean design, with reduced knobs and dials ensured that anyone at anytime could hop on and off, without consideration of clothes snagging onto protruding structures. Encouraging use in almost all types of attires at any time of day, increasing impulse sessions and overall usage. An internal flyweight, running on magnetic resistance rather than belts ensures a smoother and quieter ride, day or night, promoting in home multi-tasking activities. While a double prong adjustable handle, lined with open cell foam, enables quick switching between pursuit and easy riding postures.

Loop is the affordable, sleek urban dwellers dream to a regular workout again.
Loop- bringing the gym to you.


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