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Etic design aspires to offer clients a chance to succeed in this competitive market with well thought-out project that evolve from an inventor or a functionality idea, into a distinguished, fascinating and dashing product.

Etic design means to create desirable products with a unique and timeless aesthetic. The designer stylistic sensibility and external vision can offer a new life to any product, challenge your project and bring it to the next level… I offer complete industrial design services; to manage, design, develop and help fabricate your products, but I can also help out on a punctual manner to give a twist or the final touch to your existing product in development. Ask for your styling session and you will see how efficiently the appearance of your product can improve!


  • Silver A' Furniture and Homeware Design Award A' Design Award Winner 2011
  • Product selected for Souvenir catalog CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉA 2011


  • ADIQ
DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Wetstyle
  • MSC International
  • TaoCool Inspiration Agency
  • Black Knight Performance Engineering
  • Castle Duncan Inc



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