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Krishan Meetoo Design is a pioneering sustainable design consultancy. Our purpose is:

“To Create & Innovate. To Excite & Inspire.”

We believe in delivering game changing products and solutions, through a holistic approach that leads with sustainable design. We currently find that sustainability is often used as a marketing crutch, not a core value or route of development. With studios based in London we provide sustainable solutions in medical, transport, as well as consumer products.

Our aim is to drive a renascence in design and engineering, we have ability to take ideas from design through to production. Alternatively, we can support you at any stage in the product development process. We are constantly developing our offering and currently provide the following services:

- Concept generation.
- Upfront Sustainable consulting.
- Development of Life Cycle & Cradle to Cradle design to manufacture.
- Materials Assessment.
- 3D modeling, Illustration & Lifelike rendering.
- Concept analysis including surfacing.
- CFD, FEA, 6 Sigma DOE concept development.

With established clientele including; Siemens Wind Power, NHS and Jaguar Land Rover. We welcome clients with the same passion for great design and thrust for innovation.


  • Innovation Awards finalist. IET 2011
  • Promotion of Design Award IED 2011
  • Sustainable challenge prize winner IFS 2013


  • The Joint Consultants Forum
  • Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Open IDEO
  • Human Centered Design
DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Siemens
  • NHS
  • BoConcept



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